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Below is a list of the questions most frequently asked about the Avid Cinema product family. Please note that these FAQs do not address customer support issues. If you have a question that is not listed below, please use our Email support form. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the difference between the Web Pak and the Soft Pak?  

The Avid Cinema for Windows Web Pak is a complete solution that includes both video editing software and a USB Video-In Device for capturing video. It has an MSSP (Manufacturer's Suggested Street Price) of $299. The Avid Cinema Soft Pak is a software-only solution that requires that a supported video capture card be installed. It has an USMSRP of $99. 

The Soft Pak is based on Intel's Indeo compression (PC plug-in card friendly) while the Web Pak is based on Motion-JPEG (M-JPEG) compression (HW compression in USB Video-In Device). 

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Does Avid Cinema support input from a digital video camera?  

Yes. You can capture video input from a digital video camera via either of the two following methods: 

  • Connect the video camera to your USB video-in device or capture card via the Composite or S-Video connections on your camera and import video via the Library tab. 
  • If your DV camera includes a native DV capture utility, loading this utility onto your PC allows you to capture and save the media onto your hard drive as an .AVI or .MOV file. These files can then be imported into Avid Cinema via the 'Bring Video In' tab. Upon completion of your project, the final video can be saved to your hard drive and sent back through the DV utility to the camera. 

In either of the above cases, the final media quality will be that of second generation VHS quality (e.g. same quality as recording VCR-to-VCR). 

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Does Avid Cinema work with the ATI All-In-Wonder 128 video capture card?  

Support for the ATI All-In-Wonder 128 video capture card was released as an update and is available on our tech support section.

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What additional hardware do I need to have on my PC in order to create videos with Avid Cinema?  

If you purchase Avid Cinema Web Pak for the Windows platform or Avid Cinema for the Mac platform, you will need only a VCR or camcorder. Simply connect a Composite or S-Video cable from your VCR or Camcorder into the USB box, and connect the USB box to your computer's USB port. You will also need to connect an audio cable (included) from your VCR or camcorder to the Audio Input jack on your computer. 

If you purchase the Avid Cinema Soft Pak for the Windows platform, you will need to have a VCR or camcorder, and a supported video capture card. 

The other issue to keep in mind is disk space. 30 minutes of captured video takes about 2.0 GB.

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 Once I've created a video with Avid Cinema, what formats can I output in?  

  Avid Cinema videos can be outputted in any of the following formats: 

  • Web Streaming
          Real G2 (.rm)
          Microsoft Windows Media (.asf)*
  •   CD-ROM 
  •   Presentation (for import into presentation programs such as PowerPoint) 
  •   Video Email 
  •   Avid Cinema (for exchange with other Avid Cinema users) 

*Not available on Avid Cinema for Mac with USB. 

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 What file formats can I import into my Avid Cinema video projects?  

  You can import any of the following file formats into your Avid Cinema video projects: 

  • .aif 

  • .aifc 

  • .aiff 

  • .au 

  • .avi 

  • .bmp 

  • .dif 

  • .cda 

  • .flc 

  • .fli 

  • .gif 

  • .jpg 

  • .mov 

  • .qd3 

  • .qti 

  • .pcd 

  • .pct 

  • .png 

  • .pnt 

  • .psd 

  • .tga 

  • .tif 

  • .wav 


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 Is it possible to output videos to videotape via USB with any of your PC or Mac products?  

The USB Video-In Device included with Avid Cinema Web Pak for the Windows platform and Avid Cinema for the Mac platform does not support output to tape. 

To create a tape with USB projects, you will need to purchase video output hardware that that has the capability to output NTSC images from the display. With this type of configuration, as you preview a video full screen on your computer, it is outputting through the video port.  

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Does Avid Cinema for Mac with USB work on an iBook?  

At this time we do not plan to test/qualify the iBook due to the fact that it does not have an audio input port (only stereo out) and the disk space is limited (3.2 MB = 45 minutes max. of video content).  

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 Do you have or do you plan to release a version of your software for Windows NT?  

Avid Cinema is not currently supported on the NT platform and there are presently no plans to add this support to this product offering. 

There are other Avid products available and under development that support this operating system. Consult the products section of this site for information on other Avid products. 

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Can I use Avid Cinema on a laptop computer?  

If your laptop has a USB input port, the Avid Cinema Web Pak for Windows will allow you to capture video from a VCR or camcorder with the included USB capture device. 

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Can a project created with Avid Cinema for Windows be opened on a Mac (or vice-versa)?  

Avid Cinema projects are not compatible between the PC and Mac platforms. QuickTime compatible media clips can be shared between platforms, but the Avid Cinema project file cannot. 

To re-create a project on a different platform, you would need to repeat the process of importing, editing and publishing.  

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I am on Windows 95, and I understand that the operating system must be OSR2 in order for Avid Cinema to work properly. What do I need to do?  

If your version of Windows 95 is definitely not OSR2, it is recommended that you upgrade to Windows 98 instead of trying to collect the different pieces that create OSR2. 

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How much hard drive space do I need in order to create videos with Avid Cinema?  

You need about 4GB for 1 hour of video. You can use removable media (Zip, Jaz, CD, DVD, etc.) to store you projects but they must be saved locally on your hard drive in order to work on them. 

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Can Avid Cinema be used with S-VHS?  

Yes, the USB video-in device that is included with - Avid Cinema Web Pak and - Avid Cinema for Mac with USB has inputs for both composite video and S-Video. 

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I'm having a problem with Avid Cinema. Where can I go to get help?  

Complete our Email support form (free of charge). 

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Is there any way I can get more transitions and other effects for Avid Cinema?  

Avid Cinema does not currently support transition plug-ins at this time. It is recognized as a feature/function for future versions. 

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What is the maximum frame rate for outputting to tape?  

Avid Cinema supports 30 fps (frames per second) at 320 x 240 pixels. 

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